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November 9, 2016

* I'm going to be completely honest, this post will definitely be updated over time. Due to the fact, my skin care regiment is always changing and evolving.


Last year, when I turned 27, something just clicked on in my brain and became utterly obsessed with skin care, learning about the best natural ingredients to use for my skin, and somewhat becoming a hoarder of skin products.  I have a somewhat tricky skin combination. Normal skin type around forehead and cheeks, oily nose, dry around my mouth & chin, and a chin that's prone to under the skin pimples, which leads to hyper pigmention (dark marks), even when I leave the pimples alone. After so many products and trials & errors later, this is my daily skin care regiment. I've been doing this regiment for 4 months and I've finally found the products that my skin have learned to love LOL. 


Weekly Skin Routine

A cleansing and clarifying face mask -- My face mask consist of Indian Clay + Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) + Lemon juice




Exfoliate 2-3x a week -- You don't need a fancy schmancy exfoliate. I've used a The Body Shop exfoliate and I've used the CVS brand and it does the same exact thing. Save your money!



Daily Skin Routine

Micellar Water -- I ABSOLUTELY LOVE GARNIER Micellar Water Cleanser! I'm always staring at the cotton pad, in awe of how much dirt accumulated on my face. I use this to remove my makeup, especially eye makeup. It's perfect for sensitive skin and sensitive areas like the eyes.



Toner --  I use this after the micellar water just to make sure all my makeup is removed and to unclog my pores. ( Again, no need to spend tons of money on this. A store brand will do the job just perfectly.) 



Cleanser -- I go between Cetaphil for Sensitive skin & I whatever mood i'm in, I juggle between Lush's Herbalism, Motive, and Coal bar. ( I seriously love all the Lush face products. )



Moisturizer -- I alternate between a few products when it comes to moisturizing.

In the am: Belief Moisture Bomb & Pond's Anti Wrinkle Cream. 



In the pm: Bio Oil



Oils -- I use Rose Hip & Tea Tree oils to help fade my acne scars


*Cream -- to also help with the fading of scars process, I use Ambi Fade Cream



Natural Alternatives

Oatmeal -- Serves many purposes from anti-immflamtory aids for sensitive skin to combating oily skin to helping treat acne & eczema, and the best thing of them all, oatmeal contains saponins, which is a cleansing agent, so it's a natural cleanser. Oatmeal is the perfect addition in any face mask


Turmeric -- I put Turmeric in my starting lineup of face products. It has soon many benefits that I can write an entire post on just Turmeric alone. Just to sum up all of turmeric's amazing benefits: anti-inflammatory, anti-septic, antibacterial, and anti-aging!! What more could you ask for!?


Baking Soda -- Another great cleanser and exfoliater and a face mask is super easy. Just baking soda & water....THAT'S IT!! Let the paste dry on your face and when you start to rinse it off, scrub it against your skin, now you have an exfoliater. 2 uses from 1 product!!!


Coffee Grinds -- Coffee grinds can be used as a scrubbing factor in masks. Which can lead to a nice glow and reduce the size of pores.



Don't be afraid to research different essential oils and ingredients, to find the ones that works with your skin combination. You'll be surprised on how many things can help  you get that glowing skin, are right in your pantry!



Happy Glowing Skin! :) 

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