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December 5, 2016


NOLA. Madri Gras. Cajun cusine. I'm sure those are a few things that come to mind when someone says "New Orleans" . New Orleans is one of those cities that has charm and history on every corner.  LITERALLY ON EVERY CORNER.



 I made the best (still debating if it was the smartest) decision to celebrate my 27th birthday in NOLA. My birthday weekend just happen to fall on the weekend Southern Decadence (gay male pride event)  was going on, so there was plenty of things going on. The first night was a learning experience for all of us! LOL ( TRUST ME WHEN I SAY 1 HAND GRENADE IS ENOOOOUGH!!!)



The following morning we headed to The Air Boat Company for a swamp tour ( I highly recommend this!! Just not the morning after throwing up your guts but hey, that's that NOLA charm for you!)



After the swamp tour, we were still extremely hung over LOL, so naps weren't a choice, it was a necessity! We definitely took Bourbon St. a little bit slower our second night but somehow I ended up with a slew of pics of me touching police horses --BLAME IT ON THE FISHBOWL-- but we did keep it interesting by going to a Drag Queen show. It's definitely one of those things you have to be there to understand why.





FOOD!!! THERE'S NOT ENOUGH I CAN SAY THAT WOULD EXPLAIN TO YOU ON HOW MUCH I ENJOYED THE FOOD!!! I'm a huge lover of Cajun/creole food, so when I decided I wanted to go to NOLA, eating was my main priority! I didn't get as much pics as I wanted to, when the food came out, I devoured!


Royal House 


OMG, the food was tooo die for!!! I had an Oyster Po Boy and Char-grilled Oysters -- actually 2 orders because the 1st order was so good -- 





 When soul food and creole food become one!! Don't let the long line scare you, it moves fast!

Cafe Du Monde


No trip to NOLA is complete without this food staple. There's plenty of locations including one at the Outlet Collection at Riverwalk, which is a waterfront mall. However, nothing beats giving in to 2 a.m craving of beignets. Head down to the French Market and you can get a fresh serving of beignets whenever that craving hits, since this location stays open 24 hours!


There's history and charm on every street in this city so, be prepared to be wowed! 

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