4 Weeks With HelloFresh | Review

December 12, 2016


*This is NOT a sponsored post. The opinions given are solely mine.


Ok, so I'll admit it. I will pass the grocery store just to go to a fast food place. I love to cook but I

 D R E A D going to grocery store. It's just too much going on, too many options, and kids running baskets into my heels. NOT A FANNNN!!!!! So when my best friend had a $40 referral credit for HelloFresh, I jumped at it! I always wanted to try a food delivery service and with $40 off, what's to lose.


As soon as that special link was popped into my email, I was ready to see what the land of 'no grocery store' had to offer. Setting up the account was easy, the options ( Classic, Vegetarian, Family ) and how many meals per week you'd like to receive is pretty straight forward, you choose between 6 meal options and they give you a delivery date. I chose the 3 meal per week Classic Plan. 




  • I like that I can preview meals 2 weeks in advance and determine if I like what's on the menu. If I'm not feeling the meals for a certain week, I just simply put that week on pause and it won't get delivered nor will I be charged.




  • The produce is fresh and the meat is certified organic.





  • The directions are so simple, clear and step by step. Also having the pictures along with the directions has helped me at moments.



  • Customer service is HUGE with me and usually makes or breaks if I continue to purchase from a company. So when 2 different packages had torn meat packages, they credited my account. I was pleasantly surprised with the amount as well, a $24 credit isn't too shabby.


  • The food is delicious!! Some of the recipes have ingredients I normally wouldn't even look twice at! So cooking with ingredients out of my comfort zone and the food coming out good, is a win in my book!!


  • Having a meat package leak has to be truly my only problem. I had 2 different meal boxes come and one of the meat packages has leaked open. The meat and produce is completely separated, so I wasn't too worried about cross contamination. If I've only encountered this issue once, I would just sum it up to man handling during delivery. Since, I've had this problem twice, it's pretty clear that HelloFresh might want to rethink how they package the meat products.


  • The price is somewhat on the high side in my opinion, $69.99 for 3 meals a week. Since the meals are meant for 2 people, I usually have leftovers, that I bring for lunch the next day, so I make the 3 meals stretch to 6 meals.


All in all, I've been extremely happy with HelloFresh and I've been enable to convince a few of my friends and sister! Also since it's the holiday season, I'm too thrilled to give my readers $40 off their 1st box!!!!! Click here to receive some great food!!



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