3 Key In-flight Skin Care Products

December 19, 2016



Recycled, dry, and germ filled air. Sounds fun right? Unfortunately, along with crying babies and the guy next to you not knowing what a good dental flossing is, dry & not so clean feeling skin is one of the things that come along with your boarding pass. Over the years, I've came across products that help my skin sane at 30,000ft and eases my skin obsessed mind.



Belif Moisturizer 




My absolute favorite moisture. I use this on a daily basis. I love the non greasy formula and this will keep your skin moisturized from take off to landing.

Shea Butter


The ole faithful Shea Butter. When trying to conserve space in my purse or carry on, I know I can count on this multi purposed butter to do every thing.

Dry hair mid flight? Shea Butter.

Cracked lips? Shea Butter.

Crusty cuticles? Shea Butter.














Exfoliating Wipes


After waiting in TSA for millenniums and running to your gate, I'm pretty sure you would love a shower or at least something to take away the sweaty, grimy feel. Exfoliating wipes is one of my best friends. It's a quick way to refresh my skin and exfoliate away all the dirt and stress from travelling.





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