My Essential & Minimalist School Supplies

August 20, 2017




SSS ( School Supply Shopping ) is seriously my favorite time to shop. The pens, folders, planners, and accessories....OMG!!!! Over my educational career ( which seems like my entire life ) I've tried so many different brands & companies and the items I'm listing are items that are my cult faves!!! With working full-time & in school full-time, I have a minimalist, no extras needed approach to my supplies. I like to carry what I need, nothing more, nothing less.


Writing Supplies


When it comes to my writing utensils, I'm a tad bit picky and stay loyal to faves.


Muji Pens

I love this pen!!!! It rights so smooth and the ink dries real fast. Only con, it's from Japan, so sometimes I might have to wait a while for the package to come.




Stabilo Fine Point Color Pens

Being a science major, using  different color pens have helped me so much. Especially when it comes to different body systems and chemistry formulas ( THINK: each system had its own color, so when studying or referencing back, I can do it in a breeze ). I use these instead of highlighters, it's just so much easier looking a certain color when studying.



 Bic Velocity Pencils

I've been using these pencils for years! They write super smooth and the grip is amazing for someone like me, who holds pens & pencils really tight. 







Organization Supplies

I keep 2 planners ( 1 for school tests, assignments and the other for non-school events ). Keeping the two separate helps me keep on top of everything.


Life Planner - Medium Monthly Planner




School Planner - a random planner I found at Meijer





Five Star Flexi Binder

I hate carrying around a million notebooks. This binder is a flexible and can be used for all of you classes. I use tab divider sheets to divide the binder into sections.












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