10 Things You Must Do In Paris

August 23, 2017




*WARNING: I'm not responsible for any of the food comas you'll experience!


1.  Find the hidden grotto and pond at Eiffel Tower! It's by a very quiet and cozy spot that has benches, so bring some snacks and wine.




2. Get the best view of Paris from Sacre Couer. I recommend going just before sunset, the view is TO DIE FOR at that time and watching Paris light up, you truly see why it's call the "City of Lights".





3. Eat your way thru the Latin Quarter. You can find almost any type of cusine here, along with bars, shops, and my favorite, crepe stands!!!! I recommend going to Saint Chapelle or/and Notre Dame, then walk a couple of blocks over to Latin Quarter and indulge.











4.  Speaking of Notre Dame and Saint Chapelle, SKIP NOTRE DAME! Yea, I said SKIP NOTRE DAME! Instead head to Saint Chapelle Cathedral, it's definitely worth the visit.





5. Visit The Cypts at The Pantheon. It's not middle of the night in a cemetery spooky and seeing Marie Curie's cypt with tons of inspirational notes and letters from women around the world is something you don't want to miss.






6.  Get lost in Montmare. Fall in love with all the art. Dip in and out of cute little art studios. Have a meal outside and enjoy as life fills the cobble stoned streets.








7.  I'm sure The Louvre is on your agenda. Seeing the Mona Lisa is cool but in my opinion the best thing to see in The Louvre is Napleon's Apartments. The Grand Sitting room is breathtaking.






8.  GET LOST!!!! Yup, I said get lost on purpose!! The days I just walked around Paris with no destination in mind, were the days I had the most fun. Finding cute little bakeries, nice neighborhoods, and amazing restaurants. 










9. Take an evening walk along the Seine. You'll be able to catch the Eiffel Tower when it lights up.


10. This place is actually of Paris but it's worth the trip: Disneyland Paris!!! I was more surprised on how much fun I had when I went. From going thru all the small worlds, visiting Remy at Gusteau's, eating lunch in a Bavarian setting. Don't be afraid to let that inner child loose.











-The Hungry Travelnista
























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